Applied Nano-Biotechnology Research Core

Who Are We ?

About the Research Core …

The research core of applied nano-biotechnology is established in Persian Gulf University with the aim of conducting applied research and technology development in the areas of green energy, production and application of natural products using converging nanotechnology and biotechnology fields.
We invite all researchers and scholars worldwide in collaborative research in the field of applied nano-biotechnology.

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About the Persian Gulf University …

Persian Gulf University (PGU) was founded in 1993  and is located on the beautiful coast of the Persian Gulf in south Iran and as the only state university in the province of Bushehr, Persian Gulf University’s vision is to achieve an outstanding reputation in science and technology, to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and active in the international academic community, in the lead in energy and marine studies and an expert authority in the field of Persian Gulf studies. More than 8000 students are studying in 26 undergraduate, 48 master, and 12 PhD degrees. PGU has 250 academic staff working in 7 faculties, and 4 research centers. We believe that studying at Persian Gulf University can provide students with a uniquely rich experience for different reasons. First and foremost, the proven record of the quality of teaching and research is a distinguishing advantage of our university. Secondly, maintaining strong ties with the various high profile industries all over Bushehr province as the Energy Capital of Iran, such as those involved in the oil and gas industry, agricultural products (like dates and tomatoes), cultivation and processing of aquatic organisms, specially prawns, international commercial transactions and marine industry is another important reason for studying here. The coast of the Persian Gulf as a rich ecosystem with great bio-diversity provides yet another brilliant aspect to student life at our University. The old part of the city of Bushehr with its unique traditional architecture and most beautiful residential buildings certainly adds a precious cultural aspect to the experience of studying and living at Persian Gulf University in Bushehr. Last but not least, the University provides the faculty and students a very friendly atmosphere to study and practice in, an atmosphere which is always appreciated by our students and alumni.

About Bushehr Province…

Bushehr Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the south of the country, with a long coastline onto the Persian Gulf. Its center is Bushehr, the provincial capital. The province has ten counties: Asaluyeh, Bushehr, Dashtestan, Dashti, Deyr, Deylam, Jam, Kangan, Ganaveh and Tangestan. In 2011, the province had a population of approximately 1 million people.

The province was put as part of Region 2 upon the division of the provinces into 5 regions solely for coordination and development purposes on June 22, 2014.

About IRAN …

Iran also called Persia and officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country in Western Asia. With over 81 million inhabitants, Iran is the world’s 18th most populous country. Comprising a land area of 1,648,195 km2 (636,372 sq mi), it is the second largest country in the Middle East and the 17th largest in the world. Iran is bordered to the northwest by Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, to the north by the Caspian Sea, to the northeast by Turkmenistan, to the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the south by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, and to the west by Turkey and Iraq. The country’s central location in Eurasia and Western Asia, and its proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, give it geostrategic importance. Tehran is the country’s capital and largest city, as well as its leading economic and cultural center.