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PhD Dissertation Defence: Ehsan Pakdaman

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PhD Dissertation Defence: Ehsan Pakdaman

Faculty of Petroleum, Gas, and Petrochemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering


On Monday 2020-04-27, a PhD dissertation defence was held at AbooReyhan Hall.

Mr. Ehsan Pakdaman excellently presented his approved thesis entitled Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophilic Glisonite Nanoparticles for Improving Water-Based Drilling Muds Properties at High Temperatures”  in the presence of honoured supervisors, Dr. Shahriar Osfouri and Dr Reza Azin as well as Prof. Niknam as an advisor.


Owing to the current critical conditions of Coronavirus, the dissertation defence was held as a webinar and a video connection was established between Tehran, London, Bushehr, Shiraz, Ahwaz and Borazjan cities.

According to the jury’s vote, Ehsan succeeded to conclude his thesis with the “excellent” grade.



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  • Mukarram Beg
    Posted at 11:44 am, 13/06/2020

    Congratulations Dr. Ehsan Pakdaman. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

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